Articulate Rise

Patient Information & Privacy at Anyah Medical Plaza

The Problem: Hospital administrators noted that 70% of staff did not follow protocol regarding patient protected information (PPHI). Staff were leaving documents in unsecure locations and discussing private information in not fully private areas. We found that 45% percent of staff were not able to identify proper Anyah Medical prescribed steps for sharing PPHI after patient requests.

The Solution: I partnered with Anyah Medical to provide an eLearning course for all Anyah Medical Plaza staff (administrators, technicians, nurses, doctors) that interact with patient information.

Highlights: Role play scenarios, accordions, Storyline 360 embedded custom drag & drop, tabs, markers

Tools used: Articulate 360 Rise, Articulate Storyline 360, Canva

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Articulate Storyline

Workstation Setup & Workstation Stretches

The Problem: Through Regional Manager (RM) 1-on-1 meetings and a survey, management noticed a wide issue: 60% of RMs reported back, knee, neck, and wrist discomfort; 70% of RMs said they did not incorporate movement into their breaks; 40% said they did not take breaks aside from lunch and to use the restroom when they are working; 65% said they did not know the most efficient and ergonomically beneficial ways to set up their workstations.

The Solution: I collaborated with stakeholders and SMEs to create a module that addresses spinal health and musculoskeletal comforts with RMs. This module will bring behavior changes related to workplace setup for seated and standing workstations as well as helps learners know when and how to incorporate movement into the day to ease stress, increase blood flow, and keep the body aligned. 

Highlights: Interactions, Scenarios, Animations, Characters, Triggers, Layers, Variables, Graded Quiz, Motion paths, Branching scenarios, Matching drag & drop Knowledge Checks, Custom drag & drop Knowledge Checks, embedded videos

Tools used: Articulate 360 Storyline, WellSaid Labs, Canva

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Improve Daily Activities With Glute Strength

Mini-Course - highlights Storyline Accordion

The Problem: Many people can benefit from strengthening their glute muscles - it's not only about appearance. Strengthening your glutes has many functional purposes for everyday life. Stronger glutes can help you with posture, hip stability, decreasing back pain, preventing knee pain, and helping with everyday side to side movements. 

The Solution: I created a mini-module with introductory images and voiceovers to give some background on benefits of glute strengthening. The module then opens up to an accordion where learners can view and practice 4 excellent and effective glute strengthening movements they can do on their own. 

Highlights: Interactions, Triggers, Layers, Motion paths, embedded videos

Tools used: Articulate 360 Storyline, Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech

Motion Path Mini

Mini-Course - highlights Storyline Motion Path

The Problem: At the start of a course, learners may not be familiar with Storyline structure and set up of navigating the course. Even when features are pointed out in a course slide, if they are all laid out at the same time, learners may struggle with knowing which features goes with with aspect of the course buttons. 

The Solution: I created a Navigation slide for my Workplace Set Up & Workplace Stretches course that incorporated a Motion Path. Using a Motion Path, with the magnifying glass icon helps learners see exactly which features can be clicked and where to find those features

Highlights: Animations, Triggers, Motion paths, Cue Points

Tools used: Articulate 360 Storyline