Job Aids

Workplace Set Up Tips

Purpose: To aid in spinal health and mobility of Regional Managers (RMs) during and after their workday, RMs must know how to best set up their workstation. This Job Aid walks RMs through the positioning of their monitors, using headsets, and laying out items on their desk. 

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Canva

Protecting Patient Info 

Purpose: Many of the staff that interact with Patient Protected Health Information (PPHI) were not following Anyah Medical Plaza protocols and did not know what constituted PPHI. This Job Aid calls out and informs staff about not only what is considered PPHI, it also shares best practices for handling the information in common scenarios. 

Tools Used: Microsoft Word, Canva

Strategies So All May "Hear"

Purpose: Client had a new hire who was Hard of Hearing and wanted to learn tips they could share with the whole office to best talk with, include, and work with the colleague. This job aid shares tips for communication with any person who may be Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  

Tools Used: Canva

Finding Your Perfect Furry Friend

Purpose: Pet shelter has been seeing a lot of pandemic dogs returned. Former owners state that they were not ready for "a dog like that". Shelter wants to create a video to inform prospective dog owners of what they should consider when determining which dog to add to their home home.  

Created a job aid for the 6 factors (based on the American Kennel Club - AKC) prospective dog owners need to consider before homing a dog. 

Additionally, created job aid with the 7 dog breed types (based on the AKC).

Tools Used: Canva